Personally, I love children’s stories and picture books, so it isn’t as if I needed an excuse to read them, but now I have lots of reasons. I spend a lot of time with Pre-K children and will for the rest of the school year, so I think a lot about children’s stories.

The building blocks of vocabulary for children often come from concrete objects or things that they see or feel in their daily lives (I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere. Feel free to send me sources if I’m wrong). Little kids love hearing a word in a book and being able to find that word in the pictures in the book or on their own person. That’s why a huge part of my job in promoting future literacy is reading books to children and talking about the pictures and asking the kids to tell me if they can relate to the words.

Which brings me to the folks over at They create a personalized children’s book about a little boy or girl who loses their name. You pick the name of the child and the story is different each time based on the name!


I began to create one for my nephew to see what it would look like. It took about 30 seconds before I was looking at a preview of an awesome, personalized book for him. You can create one here!

I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at children’s literature, especially because I love illustrating and painting, and the vision at is inspiring to me. They’re also hiring, in case any other aspiring children’s lit or illustrator people are looking.

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just came across their site on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! Let me know if you’ve ordered one!