I’ve been reading. I haven’t been writing as much about it, at least not here. You’d never guess that moving across the country, only to have to find new housing, starting a job, and ending that job would be stressful or time consuming! But it was.

Maybe you’ve been missing my writing here on the blog (for all of my, what, ten followers?), but don’t worry I’ll still be updating! In the meantime, if you’d like to know what I’ve been writing over at AmReading.com, you’re in luck, because I’ve put together a list of all my articles thus far. (Disclosure: I do get paid a small amount via page views. Click away, friends.)

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Fake Stories And Stolen Identities: A Mini Analysis Of Memoirs

I’m enjoying writing for AmReading. It’s going for a Buzzfeed-esque style centered around books and bookishness. Even the snobbiest snob can’t say that they’ve never indulged in a Buzzfeed link-hole, so why not explore AmReading?

Bonus: an article I didn’t write but wish I had.

Nessie Has Been Spotted?! 11 Mystifying Books Of Sea Monsters