Sometimes, rarely, I find myself surrounded by books and not wanting to read them. It’s confusing, really. I’ll start a book that only a week ago I was itching to get into just to set it down after a few pages.

When I’m feeling like this, it usually means I’m tired or stressed or not in the mood for something heavy. I LOVE nonfiction, but it can be hard to get interested in facts when my brain doesn’t even want to think too hard about literature. So I knew I wasn’t going to jump into any of my theology or sociology texts this week.

I don’t know why this book slump happens, but I do know how to fix it. I took some tips from my AmReading colleague Ashley Stockburger and decided to reread some favorites.

Hence, Pendragon. This fantasy series kept me occupied for ages while I was growing up. Unfortunately, I was reading them as they got published, and as usually happens, the time between books grew harder to gap. I never finished the series.

Most, but not all, of the Pendragon series.

So now I get to! I devoured the first book entirely in one day, and finished reading the second one last night. There’s nothing like following Bobby Pendragon as he flumes from one inter-dimensional territory to the next to prevent the collapse of the universe as we know it.

If you’re thinking about reading them, I fully suggest it. It’s a fun series full of very real human conflict but also inter-dimensional travel and the fate of all time and space. There’s friendship and a bit of romance and fantastical beasts and amazing worlds.

Have a favorite series you just need to reread sometimes? What do you do when you’re in a slump?