Hello, and may I now introduce myself to you as a burgeoning web designer?

I’ve launched my first website thanks to the kindness of my African Literature professor, Professor Mbele. He trusted me with the opportunity to build his website for his cultural consulting business, Africonexion.


If you click this picture you can go to the website! It’s super cool!

I designed the site, the store, and added most of the content. To quote from the site, “Joseph Mbele, the founder of Africonexion, offers cultural orientation to Americans going to Africa as students, volunteers, tourists, and more, as well as orientation to Africans living in the USA. Africonexion has the expertise to help people think about, prepare for, and deal with these cultural differences. Though it is easy to talk about celebrating cultural diversity, Africonexion goes much further, advocating understanding and context of those differences to build mutual respect.”

Professor Joseph Mbele has also written several books in both English and Swahili. I’ll be reviewing one on here soon!

African Literature was an incredible class and it’s over now. So is summer! These last few months have absolutely slipped away. Thanks to all the people who’ve been reading so far!