I’m Elizabeth, and I’m a freelance writer. I’ve even been paid to do it! The idea that I can be and am a professional writer still excites me. My credentials are self-made, as is true in most things I do. I’ve started businesses, worked directly with marketing and customer service, and learned academically as well as hands on about psychology. I have some college courses under my belt, but am approaching my degree more slowly as I build my writing business.

I’m collecting my writing and putting it out there for the enjoyment of everyone, especially people who may want to hire me. I’ll publish my essays, flash fiction, maybe some poetry, and link to my business marketing content wherever applicable.

Every good writer needs to read. Everything I’ve read about being a published and professional writer says so. I love to read, so this is a plus on my path to writing for my living. I’m going to review every book I read, whether briefly or in depth. My followers on Instagram aren’t nearly as keen on hearing about the books I’ve been reading as I thought they would be, so I thought this would be a better venue.

If you need business marketing, professional content about psychology or holistic well-being, news articles, or exciting perspectives for you or your company’s website, I am available for hire. I can be contacted at nedliz16@gmail.com for business inquiries.